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Richard Serrano has always wanted to do great PT as it is his passion and he loves treating patients. After his grad program, he started a small PT company, but for Richard who has a bigger dream, it was not enough.

He aimed to provide the highest level of clinical care in the warmest and most supportive environment that will welcome clients from diverse background. He also wanted to add wellness to his programs to shorten the gap in the continuum of care.

In 2009, he went independent and created a wellness center, Active PT, in a 2200 sq. ft. area in New City and started providing PT services.


To Provide Rockland County residents with a higher quality of life, health, and wellness through the highest quality clinical care and healthy lifestyle education.


Provide the highest level of patient care in a supportive, holistic environment.

Core Values

Deliver Amazing Service

Active Rockland aims to provide high-quality medical professionals dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care.

Take Ownership In Everything

Active Rockland believes in providing quality services utilizing the latest technologies incorporated into all patient plans of care.

Commit To Continuous Improvement

Active Rockland ensures continuous improvement of its service, programs, and work environment through stringent and regular self-evaluation based on patient feedback.

Embrace Creativity/Innovation

Active Rockland incorporates new innovations for treating patients that are safe, comfortable, and effective.

Build A Positive Team Environment

Active Rockland foster an inclusive and diverse community that allows its patients and staff to flourish

Make It Count

Active Rockland ensures that each patient interaction produces the best outcomes possible.
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