Active Connection - Universal Design Gym

Active Connection offers a state-of-the-art universal design gym experience. This ADA-certified gym offers equipment that is adaptive for abled and disabled individuals. This is the ONLY universal design gym in Rockland County. The gym is staffed by trained and certified clinicians. Each individual will receive an assessment and exercise plan to achieve each person’s fitness goals.

The gym is designed to accommodate the needs of those with limited mobility, including wheelchair users, those with walkers or crutches, and those in wheelchairs. It features a fully equipped weight room with free weights, steppers and other cardio equipment. The facility also includes a training area for yoga and pilates classes.

Active Connection - Universal Design Gym
Active Connection - Universal Design Gym

This gym has been designed with three main goals in mind:
1) To make it easy for anyone to use the gym equipment. The different exercise machines are labeled clearly so that users can find what they need quickly and easily.

2) To make it safe for all users of the gym. The equipment is well-maintained and maintained regularly by professionals who know how to take care of it.

3) To make sure that no one feels excluded because they cannot use the equipment. Every piece of equipment has its own purpose, but there are ways around those pieces if you don’t feel like using them yet!


We work with each individual patient on a customized plan that takes into account their specific needs and goals. We will assess your strength and range of motion by examining you in our office or at home. Once we have determined what areas need improvement, we will create an individualized treatment plan for you based on what we find is helping your progress best now. You can expect top-quality care from accomplished professionals who truly care about your well-being!

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